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Interview spotlight: Franco Iacomella

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Feb 12, 2009 05:03 PM
Franco Iacomella is a student and researcher in Buenos Aires University. He is a free software developer, GNU hacker and member of the Free Software Foundation Latin America.

Questions were asked by Matt Lee, FSF campaigns manager.

Matt: GNU is 25 years old this year. How are we doing?

Franco: I think there is still a lot of work to do, a lot of fighting still to do. We have to remain true to the original message of freedom and we need to improve our communication skills. We have to protect the original principles of the Internet -- the freedom that built the network. So fighting against "cloud computing", spreading the word about free formats and making them standard in the web (like Ogg in HTML5). We also have to join efforts with the free culture movement and show them the importance of using Free Software. Both concepts are very tightly linked, and we have to make that clear.

Matt: What can free software supporters like yourself do every day to help?

Franco: Programmers can find a good project to start to experience the free software methodology, and work in the community. Teachers can teach how to use and develop free software, artists can help to improve visual quality and usability of free software projects, while other people, like journalists can spread the word about this fight. I don't believe the importance of free software is the software itself, but making people believe that they can produce and not just consume, that they can decide, and that they can think about the ideas of knowledge and property.

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