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Coreboot update

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Feb 13, 2009 12:42 PM
by Ward Vandewege, Senior Systems Administrator

A lot of effort is going into v3, the next generation codebase for coreboot. It only boots a few boards so far, but the code design is far superior to v2 and thus much easier to work with. Speaking of v2 -- that codebase now supports 108 boards -- but not all of those are still available, and on some boards not all components are supported.

AMD recently released documentation and coreboot code for the 690 chipset. VIA has been pushing out a lot of documentation as well. Both AMD and VIA have people active on the coreboot mailing list. As a consequence, almost all supported boards are based on AMD or VIA chips.

At the FSF, we've finished the initial desktop rollout of seven coreboot systems. Work is ongoing to upgrade more of our servers to coreboot.

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