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Thank GNUs

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 05, 2011 11:05 AM
The Free Software Foundation would like to send special thank gnus to the following:

Thanks to Micheal Zelyony. Mike answered the mail and sent out manuals and publicity for the FSF from September to November of 1985. As the one who has taken over his job I can appreciate the size of his contribution.

Thanks to Ed Zimmer. Ed's philanthropy has given the FSF the salary for one full time programmer.

Thanks to Lisp Machine, Inc. LMI has generously provided office space, computer resources and a mailing address for FSF.

Thanks to Jerry Pournelle. Jerry mentioned us in his BYTE column. We have received over one hundred responses so far. Ninety percent of Jerry's readers take what he says literally. One or two single dollar bills seem to fall out of each letter I open.

Thanks to all those who have contributed source code.

Thanks to those who sent money and offered help. Thanks also to those who support us by ordering Emacs manuals and distribution tapes.

The creation of this bulletin is our way of thanking all who have expressed interest in what we are doing.

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