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Status of GNU Emacs on various machines and systems

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 04, 2011 06:27 PM
For each type of system, the name of the appropriate s- header file is given.

Berkeley 4.1 (s-bsd4.1.h)

  • Some conditionals have been provided for 4.1, but I do not know for certain that they work as merged in.

Berkeley 4.2 (s-bsd4.2.h)

  • Works on several machines.

Berkeley 4.3 (s-bsd4.3.h)

  • Works, on Vaxes at least.


  • This is another name for Berkeley 4.2.

Uniplus 5.2 (s-unipl5.2.h) Works, on Dual machines at least.

System V rel 0 (s-usg5.0.h) Close to working, on Vaxes.

A couple of bugs remain.

System V rel 2 (s-usg5.2.h)

Works, on Stride, TI/LMI Nu and HP 9000s200 machines; but in each case the basic system V has been enhanced somewhat. How Emacs works on a vanilla system V (if you can find one) is not clear.

The s- file for the HP machine is s-hpux.h, not s-usg5.2.h.

System V rel 2.2 (s-usg5.2.2.h)

In 5.2.2 AT&T undid, incompatibly, their previous incompatible change to the way the nlist library is called. A different s- file is used to enable the other interface.


For each type of machine, the names of the m- and s- header files are given.

Apollo running Domain (m-apollo.h; s-bsd4.2.h)

Currently has a bug: exhausts pure Lisp code space while building Emacs. This is probably one trivial error, but someone with an Apollo will have to find it.

Once that bug is fixed, one problem will remain permanently. It is impossible to dump Emacs; the standard Lisp code must be loaded each time Emacs is started. This is a limitation of their operating system. In other respects the system appears to be Berkeley 4.2, and Emacs is told that it is running under 4.2.

AT&T 7300 running System V

This port has been done but I have not received the diffs yet.


17.36 has been ported, but I have not seen the port yet. Dual running System V (m-dual.h; s-usg5.2.h) As of 17.46, this works except for a few changes needed in unexec.c.

Dual running Uniplus (m-dual.h; s-unipl5.2.h)



Previous versions ran into trouble with their failure to support alloca. Now that there is a portable alloca supplied with Emacs, it should not be very hard to do this port.

HP 9000s200 (m-hp200.h; s-hpux.h)

Works. This machine is a 68020.

Megatest (m-mega68.h; s-bsd4.2.h)

Emacs 15 worked; do not have any reports about Emacs 16 or 17 but any new bugs are probably not difficult.

Nu (TI or LMI) (m-nu.h; s-usg5.2.h)

Nearly working; a few bugs remain.

Pyramid (m-pyramid.h; s-bsd4.2.h)


Sequent Balance (m-sequent.h; s-bsd4.2.h)

Emacs 17.48 works in their system version 2.0. Emacs has not been tried on their system version 1.3.

Stride (m-stride.h; s-usg5.2.h)

Works, though has not been tested for long. Note, however, that this was on a Unix version not yet released by Stride. It is probably also possible to run on Stride's 5.1 system but changes in the s- file are probably needed.

Sun (m-sun.h, m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h; s-bsd4.2.h)

There are three m- files for different models of Sun. All use Berkeley 4.2. Emacs 17 has run on all of them.

Tahoe (m-tahoe.h; s-bsd4.2.h)


Tektronix(?) 16000 box (m-16000.h; s-bsd4.2.h)

Emacs 15 worked; no reports since then.

Vax running Berkeley Unix (m-vax.h; s-bsd4.1.h or s-bsd4.2.h or s-bsd4.3.h)

Works for certain under 4.2 or 4.3; probably a few bugs to fix for 4.1. Note tha "ultrix" is essentially 4.2; use s-bsd4.2.h.

Vax running System V rel 0 (m-vax.h; s-usg5.0.h)

Still has a couple of bugs.

Vax running VMS

Port nearly completed.

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