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A sample .emacs file

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 05, 2011 10:44 AM
			 A Sample .emacs File

; Robert J. Chassell 6 December '85 simplified 9 January '86 Jerome E. Puzo

; This is a sample .emacs file for GNU Emacs on a Vax running BSD 4.2 Unix.
; Lines that begin with a semi-colon are comments not executed by Emacs.


; The next two commands put Emacs into text mode and auto-fill-mode 
; when Emacs starts.  They are designed for writers who want to start
; writing prose rather than code.
; A programmer might want to enter Lisp mode or C mode.

(setq default-major-mode 'text-mode)
(setq text-mode-hook 'turn-on-auto-fill)

; Sample KEY BINDINGS for a Z-29 terminal

; These functions show how to bind keys to commands.  
; The keyboard commands continue to work: for example, you can go
; forward by word either with the right arrow key or with .
; If you do not know what meta sequence a function key returns,
; you can use the `describe key' function: type control-h k and then 
; the key. Emacs will tell you the meta sequence and any commands
; to which the key is bound.
; note: \e indicates the esc character

(global-set-key "\eT" 'backward-kill-word) ; function key F2
(global-set-key "\eU" 'kill-word)          ; function key F3
(global-set-key "\eD" 'backward-word)      ; function key left-arrow
(global-set-key "\eC" 'forward-word)       ; function key right-arrow
(global-set-key "\eB" 'scroll-up)          ; function key up-arrow
(global-set-key "\eA" 'scroll-down)        ; function key down-arrow
(global-set-key "\eJ" 'forward-sentence)   ; function key erase-key
(global-set-key "\eH" 'backward-sentence)  ; function key home-key
(global-set-key "\eP" 'goto-line)          ; function key F6

; Example of how to specify control key:
; to redefine control-y to go to the start of the line (like control-a)
; (global-set-key "\C-y" 'beginning-of-line) 

; Example of how to cancel a key binding:
; (global-unset-key "\C-y)


; After writing a function in your .emacs file, you can send the 
; changed information to the rest of emacs by entering meta-control-x .

; This command finds the function around or following the point. 
; As soon as you do this, you can begin to use your new function.
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