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How to get GNU Emacs

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 04, 2011 06:21 PM

All software and publications are distributed with a permission to copy and redistribute. The easiest way to get a copy of GNU Emacs is from someone else who has it. You need not ask for permission; just copy it.

If you have access to the Internet, you can get the latest distribution version of GNU Emacs from host:' For more info read:/u2/emacs/GETTING.GNU.SOFTWARE' on said host.

If you cannot get a copy in any of these ways, you can order one from the Free Software Foundation. Please consult the accompanying Order Form for prices and details.

Although Emacs itself is free, our distribution service is not.
The income from distribution fees goes to support the foundations's purpose: the development of more free software to distribute just like GNU Emacs.

Currently, all software is available for UNIX 4.2 BSD on 1600 bpi tar tape. It runs on VAX computers, as well as several 68XXX and 32XXX machines. Contact FSF regarding suitability of your computer system. We encourage porting to other machines.

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