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GNUs zoo

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 04, 2011 06:09 PM
Who's who at the GNU Project?
  • First and foremost there's our porcupine Richard M. Stallman. The last of the true hackers and founder of project GNU.
  • Secondly there's Leonard H. Tower, Gnu's teddy bear. Len is Gnu's first and so far only paid full time employee.
  • Gnu's Hawk, Robert Chassell, is the world's only generous treasurer.
  • Gnu has two wise old night owls, Professor Hal Abelson and Professor Gerald Sussman. They are advisors and round out FSF's board of directors.
  • Amoung our volunteer hackers there's Dean L. Elsner, our world hopping platypus (I originally called him a kangaroo but he insists he's a platypus). In case you haven't guessed, Dean comes from Australia. Dean is writing Gnu's assembler.
  • Another Australian, Richard Mlynarik, is acting as Gnu's Emacs Guru. I'll try calling him our kangaroo and see what happens.
  • Eric Albert walked in off the street on January 24. So far, he's sped up the GNU LD command to be faster than UNIX's (it was much slower), and is now fixing some bugs in it. After that, he'll be working on removing fixed-length limits from GNU CPP, and also speeding it up. Eric claims he's Gnu's humuhumunukunukuapuaa, the current state fish of Hawaii. And we're happy to have the help of such a rare fish.
  • There is also Paul Rubin on the West coast. Gnu's spider, Paul weaves Gnu Emacs reference cards and produces nifty covers for the new version of the Gnu Emacs manual.
  • Me? My name's Jerry Puzo. I answer the mail and send out tapes. It explains a lot to say I'm Gnu's turtle.
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