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Emacs 17 comes with its own doctor

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Jan 04, 2011 06:21 PM
  • Gnu Emacs version 17 is now available. See the article HOW TO GET GNU EMACS and our Order Form elsewhere in this bulletin.

  • Gnu Emacs 17 works on system V. Even subshells work.

  • The online Emacs manual is available through the info command.

  • Outline mode now allows the user to selectively hide or display the subtree of an item.

  • TeX and Nroff editing modes have been added.

  • C editing mode has been made smarter. It now understands how to indent else clauses.

  • Consistency between modes has been improved by assigning some commands to different keys.

  • Toys. To the disassociated press has been added:

    • hanoi, the (slightly) animated puzzle solver,
    • yow, a Zippy saying producer, and
    • doctor, the infamous psychiatrist.

The folks on net.emacs have sent a suggestion for yowza which lets you watch the doctor respond to yow.

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