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Introducing Valessio Brito, intern with the FSF tech team

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Mar 06, 2019 11:58 AM
Contributors: Valessio Brito
My name is Valessio Brito. I was born in Jacobina, a very small town in the warm northeastern region of Brazil. I got involved in free software when I was a teenager. I have been an activist and user in the free software movement for 19 years.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate and participate in many projects and events in many schools and universities, primarily in Brazil, but also other countries such as South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, China and USA.

I majored in Social Communication, with a specialization in free software development, and I am currently an ESL student at the Cambridge School. In 2005, I worked on the implementation of laboratories with Linux Terminal Server Project GNU/Linux systems as a digital inclusion initiative in more than 230 municipalities in the state of Bahia, in Brazil. Between 2009 and 2011, I worked at the Federal University of Bahia, teaching free software to public school teachers.

I collaborated with the creation of the Brazilian Free Technologies Cooperative (COLIVRE), which uses Noosfero to develop free social media Web sites. In the period from 2012 to 2016, I was a consultant in the federal government of Brazil, working on the adoption and development of free technologies for social participation, open data, information security, and digital inclusion projects.

At the Free Software Foundation, I will be collaborating with the tech team on the streaming and recording of LibrePlanet 2019. I will also be working on preparing laptops to be used in workshops at public schools to introduce free software and programming to students. I hope to contribute to the development of internal projects and FSF campaigns as well. I am grateful to be part of this important FSF internship program, and hope to collaborate and learn a lot with the tech team.

I invite you to come to LibrePlanet, or we can meet at another free software event somewhere around the planet!

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