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Introducing Lei Zhao, intern with the FSF tech team

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Dec 04, 2018 03:36 PM
Contributors: Lei Zhao

My name is Lei Zhao, and I often stylize it as Leei Jaw. I am one of the fall interns for the FSF tech team.

I first became aware of free software in the sense of freedom at the age of 19. I encountered free software even earlier, but it took some time to appreciate the free/libre aspect of free software.

I'm working on making changes to GitLab to improve the license selection for new projects. As written in the article, For Clarity's Sake, Please Don't Say “Licensed under GNU GPL 2”!:

"When sites such as GitHub invite developers to choose “GPL 3” or “GPL 2” among other license options, and don't raise the issue of future versions, this leads thousands of developers to leave their code's licensing unclear. Asking those users to choose between “only” and “or later” would lead them to make their code's licensing clear. It also provides an opportunity to explain how the latter choice avoids future incompatibility."

GitLab has the same problem, but it is free software, so I'm working to change that. This is the first time I've participated in such a large project, and I am very excited.

I learned my first programming language, Pascal, in high school. Then Python, Java, C/C++, Scala, JavaScript, SQL, and Lisp. The language I've used most often is Python, since it is the language I used for my past jobs. My primary editor is Emacs.

In my spare time, I like listening to music, and playing the guitar. When I have spare money, I enjoy driving recreational go-karts.

Interested in interning for the Free Software Foundation? The application period for spring 2019 internships is open until December 23, 2018 -- see details here.

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