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Introducing David Hedlund, intern with the FSF tech team

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Jun 13, 2018 02:29 PM
Contributors: David Hedlund
Hi, I'm David Hedlund. I'm working as an intern with the FSF tech team this summer.

When I was 23 years young, I read the book Free as in Freedom, a biography of Dr. Richard Stallman (RMS), who is also the founder of the Free Software Foundation, the GNU Project, and the GNU General Public License, which all had a great impact on me. I migrated 100% to GNU/Linux after I read the book, and contacted RMS eagerly. Stallman gave a positive response to my emails. A few years later, I decided that I wanted to contribute to the GNU Project, so I wrote GNU Sovix, a Web site revision system, which I've since retired as a project.

I started to work on the Free Software Directory in February 2015. I joined the FSF as an intern starting May 14, 2018, and will work through August 14, 2018 to fix bugs and work on a data import program that will import data from and Debian main. I will be blogging about every two weeks, and I will go into more detail about my work in those posts.

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