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David's internship work on the Free Software Directory, part 2

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Sep 21, 2018 10:57 AM
Contributors: David Hedlund
IceCat improvements and progress toward automated data import.

For context, see the previous blog post, David's Progress on the Free Software Directory, weeks 2-3

Also, by the time this blog was published, more progress has been made. Stay tuned for more updates!


Over this period, I worked on various GNU IceCat related issues. IceCat's new API for extensions, called WebExtensions, means that many legacy extensions will soon no longer work on a supported browser and will be for historical reference only. There were some that had never been approved for inclusion in the Directory. We generally don't approve new entries that are only for historical reference, so I deleted them. I deleted IceCatMobile and related addons because we don't list Android apps. I started a buggy entries page to address Mozilla brand name issues in Directory entries. For example, "Firefox" should almost always be replaced with "IceCat."


I learned how to use Pywikibot to import entries to the Directory with the generous help of a Pywikibot developer over the course of a few days. He wrote a patch to fix an issue that prevented sites other than Wikipedia from being written to a configuration file. Since the Free Software Directory uses CASAuth for login, we did some work to get pywikibot automated login working. I wrote documentation on how to set up Pywikibot to upload files to the Directory.

IceCat addons

I made general improvements and bug fixes to my (AMO)/FSD sync script. For example, I made it clean the titles from AMO for punctuation and other issues so we could reuse them for the Directory. I added the API variable "platform=linux" to the URI to avoid add-ons that only work with Windows.

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