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Hello world from Eostre Emily Danne, intern with the FSF tech team

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Sep 14, 2020 04:54 PM


I'm Eostre (they/she), one of the new interns here at the FSF. I'm primarily here to update systems, rebuild servers, configure Apache, and really anything else that involves coercing GNU/Linux until it does what I want. Prior to this, I've done GNU/Linux almost exclusively as a hobby; now I'm trying to turn my hobby into a career. At home, I run a bunch of weird little hobby distros/BSDs. Interning at the FSF, where we primarily use Trisquel, is giving me a healthy appreciation for Ubuntu-based systems too.

In my hobby work, I've worked on making OS installs highly reproducible - my / is a read-only squashfs image that gets periodically rebuilt, my /etc is a git repo, and I keep my /home distributed across a few machines via Syncthing. At the FSF, I'm applying that experience by reimplementing some infrastructure as neat little scripted installs. Without revealing too much about our infrastructure, we have some systems that were created using forgotten knowledge by previous generations of sysadmins; it's my job to turn the arcane shell invocations in their ~/.bash_history files into something we can eventually manage with Ansible, though for now I'll just be writing shell scripts that do the same thing.

This also comes as Trisquel is about to release version 9.0, so I'll probably end up testing that too.

There are also some aspects of myself that don't involve computers or GNU/Linux in some way:

  • I play Dungeons and Dragons, whenever the stars align and our group is able to meet.

  • I do a bit of modding for the free software video game Endless Sky. (I lied, this one involves computers!)

  • I house sixteen highly evolved dinosaurs! We have four ducks and twelve chickens; they're all between four and six months old, so they haven't started laying eggs yet, but they have gotten big enough to cause trouble.

  • I also have two cats, two mice, a snake, and some fish.

  • I am willing to share pictures of my animals :)

  • I'm trans, nonbinary, pan, and poly. On top of that, I'm autistic too. I like who I am, and who I've become.

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