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A selection of photographs from some of RMS's past events

by Jeanne Rasata Contributions Published on Aug 05, 2011 12:37 PM
Here are photos taken at some of the many speeches Richard Stallman has given this year.

Please see for a full list of all of RMS's confirmed engagements. If you'd like to have him come speak, please contact

Thank you to all the organizers!

(Photos courtesy of Joanna Pianka.)

Vienna – “The Danger of Software Users Don't Control,” hosted by the Technische Universität Wien, in the Kuppelsaal, where 450 people turned out to hear RMS speak (2011-07-01)

(Photos courtesy of Marco Zanolla.)

Monfalcone – “Essere liberi nell'era dell'informatica,” organized by Giovani Democratici della provincia di Gorizia (2011-06-28)

(Photos courtesy of Markus Schnöpf.)

Berlin – “Copyright vs. Community,” hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW), with 300 in attendance (2011-06-15)

Mexico City – “Software libre en México, ideas y oportunidades” forum at the Mexican senate, followed by four panel discussions on the role of FOSS in education, government, industry, and civil society (2011-06-02)

Mexico City – “El software libre y tu libertad,” organized by InfoTec, a part of the national council of science and technology (2011-05-26)

(Photo courtesy of Houssein Alaoui.)

Marrakesh – “Le logiciel libre et ta liberté,” organized by the council of the city of Marrakesh, with 200 in attendance (2011-05-07)

(Photos courtesy of Kyle Winfree.)

Philadelphia – “Free Digital Society,” hosted by the Science and Technology Wing and the Dining Philosophers of the University of Pennsylvania, with 150 in attendance (2011-04-20)

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