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Summer 2012 Trip to Europe: Photos from the Technical University of Munich

by Jeanne Rasata Contributions Published on Aug 30, 2012 06:00 AM

Please fill out our contact form, so that we can inform you about future events in and around <a href=">London,</a> <a href=">Leicester,</a> <a href=">Manchester,</a> <a href=">Marly-le-Roi,</a> <a href=">Paris,</a> <a href="">Vigo,</a> <a href="">Prague,</a> <a href="">Dresden,</a> and <a href="">Munich,</a> which RMS visited while he was in Europe on this last trip.</p> <p>RMS was at the Technische Universität-München, in Garching, Germany, on 11 July, to deliver his speech "Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks," hosted by the Department of Computer Science's Lehrstuhl für Netzarchitekturen und Netzdienste, to a packed room.</p> <p><a href="">We'll be posting a recording of the speech soon.</a></p> <!-- Start of image + caption block --> <div style="border-style:solid; border-width:2px;text-align:center; margin: 4px 50px 4px 50px; padding-top:4px;"> <p>:</p> <!-- Image(s) start below --> <!-- Adjust the width="150" part to change how wide the image appears on the page --> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-01-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-06-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-05-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-03-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-04-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="500" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-07-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-10-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-11-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-12-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-13-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-14-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="165" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-15-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <img src="/static/nosvn/rms-photos/20120711-munich-16-thumb.JPG" alt="" width="250" style="margin-top:4px;"/> <!-- Photo credits start below --> <p style="padding: 0px 20px 0px 20px; margin-top:1px; text-align:center;"> <em>(Photos courtesy of Marc-Oliver Pahl and Jeanne Rasata.)</em> <p style="text-align:center;">Please see <a href=""></a> for a full list of all of RMS's confirmed engagements, and contact <a href=""></a> if you'd like him to come speak.</p> </p></div> <!-- End of image+caption block --> <p style="text-align:center;"><strong>Thank you to Dr. Christian Grothoff for organizing the event!</strong></p>

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