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The new and improved

by davet Contributions Published on Mar 09, 2015 03:39 PM
As the very first full-time web developer for the FSF, I was happy to see my first major project launch: the new and improved

The new look of the site marks the completion of migration from a legacy system to CiviCRM, an actively maintained constituent relationship management system, which we run on top of Drupal. This launch was a team project. The improved look and feel of the membership system was aided by the effort of former outreach and communications coordinator William Theaker, whose knowledge of CiviCRM proved invaluable during development. System administrators Lisa Maginnis and Stephen Mahood have done lots of hard work to update and improve our hardware and system architecture to handle the traffic we've been receiving.

CiviCRM is the project that satisfied the requirements for a free software fundraising system on the High Priority Projects list, and was officially endorsed by the FSF in 2010. We love CiviCRM because it is more efficient and featureful than our in-house solution was, it uses the Affero General Public License, our contributions can benefit all of the organizations that use it, and likewise, we can benefit from the contributions of others. We use CiviCRM for managing memberships and for all of our nonmember donations, as well.

Our migration to CiviCRM changes how our membership system works. For instance, we have retired the old referral system. In the future, we will implement a new referral system, but for now, when creating a new membership, you will be able to fill out an "in honor of" section with referral information. We have also retired the member number system. Member badges now display the date you became an FSF member, rather than a unique ID number. If the old member button is embedded on your Web site, please update your site with the new HTML snippet displayed on your member benefits page. Potential new members will be interested to know that, because it is 2015, there is no longer an eight character limit on usernames! And of course, member benefits remain the same, including access to our XMPP (Jabber) server, email forwarding addresses, a 20% discount at the shop, and gratis registration for our annual LibrePlanet conference. If your membership is expired, you can renew via the same URL as before:

The new member dashboard presents some information that wasn't previously available, such as your FSF event registrations and attendance, and your personal campaign pages. It's also possible to tweak more of your account information, such as your email format preference (plain text or HTML). Now that our basic migration to CiviCRM is complete, we will be adding new features to the site based upon CiviCRM's capabilities.

We know that this migration hasn't been entirely smooth sailing. We thank you for your continued patience as we deal with migration-related issues. Now that some of the dust has settled, we hope that you enjoy the new! If you haven't yet, please log in and try it out. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact

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