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Psst! Pass it on!

by deborah Contributions Published on Jan 16, 2009 03:51 PM
Thanks to everyone who has already helped us get the word out about our year-end fund drive!

Posting the FSF widget on your website is a fairly simple thing to do, but it turns out that it's very effective! We've already gotten 24 new members during our year-end drive through member referrals that came in through widgets. The widgets have been posted by free software supporters all over the world -- from Chicago to Italy to South Africa.

So far, one hundred and thirty-four of our members have helped us sign up one or more new members. All those people add up to give us the membership support we need to keep fighting to protect free software and to keep pushing for software development in key areas. Stefano Maffulli has brought in three new members and Richard Johnson's has brought in four. Thanks guys!

We also want thank those of you who are forwarding our year-end campaign link to your co-workers or your usergroup mailing list. We know who you are and we appreciate the time that you're taking out of this insanely busy season to lend a hand to the FSF.

Lastly, if you've approached your free software friendly employer about writing out a check to the FSF and made the case that our work enables your business to be free of proprietary vendors, we are eternally grateful to you as well. If it were up to me, you'd get a bonus this year!

It's no secret that any budget item that isn't going onto your plate or over your head (like a roof) could be seen as "pencilled in" in this economy. We know that freedom isn't precisely edible, so we are very grateful to our members who are not only sticking with us during these lean times, but continue passing the word along to friends and neighbors.

Want to help us reach our goal of 750 new members by January 31st?

  • Put the widget on your website or blog.
  • Forward the info about FSF membership to your co-workers or mailing lists, asking them to join.
  • Talk to your employer about becoming an FSF Patron

Got any other ideas? Drop us a line!

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