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Upcoming changes for Ututo

by Donald Robertson Contributions Published on Dec 10, 2013 01:01 PM
Update: This story originally stated that Ututo was coming to an end. This was wrong. We misunderstood an announcement about a change of lead maintainers and thought that the project was shutting down. Ututo is still an actively maintained GNU/Linux distro.

The developers of Ututo recently announced that the fully free GNU/Linux distribution will no longer be maintained as of December of this year (in Spanish). Initially developed in 2000, Ututo became the first GNU/Linux distribution to be endorsed by the Free Software Foundation as adhering to our Guidelines for Free System Distributions. As the first 100% free GNU/Linux distribution, it lead the way for the multiple fully free distributions we now enjoy. It showed that a complete system that didn't compromise the rights of its users was possible, and was for a time the distribution used by Free Software Foundation founder and president Richard Stallman.

While Ututo is no longer on our list of endorsed distributions as it is no longer maintained, there are many other actively maintained fully free distributions to choose from. Maintaining a complete fully free distribution is not always an easy task, and we commend the maintainers and volunteers of all these projects.

Here's what you can do to help these fully free distributions:

Wondering why a particular distribution is not endorsed? Check out our page on Explaining Why We Don't Endorse Other Systems.

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