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Richard Stallman answers questions on

by Joshua Gay Contributions Published on May 06, 2014 02:52 PM
Richard M. Stallman (RMS) answers questions from readers and discusses free hardware, deblobbing the kernel, legal reforms, and much more.

In February 2014, readers posted questions for RMS and today he answered many of those questions. Slashdot readers asked hard questions that face all of humanity today and into the future. RMS was up for the challenge, and his answers help focus attention toward some of the most pressing and important issues that face the free software movement today, including privacy and anonymity for computer users, (free/libre) hardware specifications, deblobbing the kernel Linux, and free software for cars and mobile devices.

One answer that is especially relevant to today, on International Day Against DRM, is in regards to the kinds of legal reforms he advocates for today:

"What I advocate, for today, is to ban some egregious practices found in many proprietary programs, including digital restrictions management (see, censorship of applications (jails) or works that can be viewed, or requiring code be signed with a key the user does not have (as in Restricted Boot; see"

You can read the full story on

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