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by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Mar 09, 2010 04:11 PM
Writing by representatives of the Free Software Foundation.

Using the GPL for Eclipse Plug-Ins

Recently we've seen some questions about whether Eclipse plug-ins can be released under the GPL. Answered briefly, this is possible if you can provide an additional permission with the license to allow combining your plug-in with the necessary EPL-covered libraries. The rest of this post examines why an additional permission is necessary, and has specific recommendations for interested developers.

Using the GPL for Eclipse Plug-Ins - Read More…

FSF Opposes More Copyright Enforcement in Joint Strategic Plan

The United States' newly-created "Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator" asked for public comments on a Joint Strategic Plan to make copyright enforcement more effective. The FSF submitted an argument that the government should adopt free software and encourage its use elsewhere to provide more freedom to computer users and reduce the need for such enforcement. The full text of the comment appears below.

FSF Opposes More Copyright Enforcement in Joint Strategic Plan - Read More…

Freeing the 3D desktop

SGI has updated the SGI Free License B and made a huge contribution to free hardware accelerated 3D development.

Freeing the 3D desktop - Read More…

New license logos

Let users know they're protected by GNU licenses.

New license logos - Read More…

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