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IPA Font license added to license list

by Donald Robertson Contributions Published on Sep 15, 2014 04:29 PM
New free license for fonts added to license list

We recently updated our list of various licenses and comments about them to include the IPA Font license. It is a copyleft free software license for fonts, incompatible with the GPL. The IPA Font is one of the few freely licensed high quality TrueType fonts available for Japanese characters, so verifying that the license is actually free is an important step for Japanese hackers. That success does come with one caveat: the IPA Font license has a somewhat burdensome requirement regarding the use of the name of the font. The license requires that derivative works not use or include the name of the original work as a program name, font name or file name. Since fonts can be easily aliased with free software tools, this isn't too big of an issue, more of an annoyance. Despite this flaw, fonts distributed under the terms of the IPA font license carry freedom to users, and so it deserves a spot on our license list.

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