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3D graphics are 100% free software

by Brett Smith Contributions Published on Jan 13, 2009 04:34 PM

A few months ago, SGI released a new version of the SGI Free License B. With that change, a lot of code used to provide 3D graphics on GNU/Linux systems was now free software. To make sure that all the code was free software, however, a few developers who worked on code released under a related license, the GLX Public License, needed to grant us permission to release their work under the new terms.

Earlier today I got great news from the X.Org project that they've obtained that permission from all the necessary developers. With that done, all of the code for 3D graphics originally released under one of SGI's licenses is now free software. Pretty soon you'll see this code in free system distributions like gNewSense.

The FSF is very grateful to the X.Org team for recognizing the importance of this issue, tracking these developers down, and getting their permission to relicense the code. We'd also like to give our thanks to the Software Freedom Law Center for their support throughout this process, and again to SGI for taking the first step in this process in freeing this code.

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