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Show your support for the FSF with our new knife and cybertool

by chrissie Contributions Published on Jul 31, 2012 03:38 PM
Gnu Press announces the availability of an FSF logo knife/cybertool including twelve tools.

The Free Software Foundation shop is now offering a portable toolkit suitable for both IT professionals and at-home computer users. Perfect for the GNU/Linux sysadmin, this 3.5-inch Victorinox/Swiss Army Cybertool 29 features the Free Software Foundation logo in white lettering on a red translucent background. The Cybertool includes:

  • a small blade,
  • a corkscrew,
  • a can opener with small screwdriver complete with Philips screws,
  • a bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper,
  • reamer,
  • a key ring,
  • tweezers,
  • a toothpick,
  • a sewing eye,
  • a bit wrench with
    • 5mm hex socket
    • #0 Philips bit
    • #1 Philips Bit,
  • bit case with
    • 4mm flat head
    • #2 Philips head bit
    • 4mm Hex bit
    • #8 Torx bit
    • #10 Torx bit
    • #10 Torx Bit
    • #15 Torx bit,
  • a pressurized ball point pen,
  • a DIP switch setter straight pen,
  • and a mini-screwdriver.

Show your support for the FSF with this cool knife!

As always, if you can't find something in the store but think we should offer it, please add your suggestion to our Ideas page. And remember, associate members of the Free Software Foundation get a 20% discount on all purchases made through the GNU Press store, so if you are not a member already, join today! To keep up with announcements about new products available in the GNU Press store, subscribe to the mailing list.

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