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Free Software Directory meeting recap for September 2nd, 2016

by Donald Robertson Contributions Published on Sep 07, 2016 02:10 PM
Check out the great work our volunteers accomplished at the last Free Software Directory meeting.

Every week free software activists from around the world come together in #fsf on to help improve the Free Software Directory. This recaps the work we accomplished on the Friday, September 2nd, 2016 meeting.

This week's meeting had a special theme of looking at the categories and other user interface elements of the directory. The directory is one of the most frequently visited resources maintained by the Free Software Foundation, often by users who may not be familiar with free software. So we want to make sure the way that it presents itself is welcoming and useful. The first hour of the meeting was dedicated solely to discussing these issues.

johnsu01 pointed out that the categories are based on tags from Debian, and that we need to maintain some conformity to enable ease importing packages. GuiltyDolphin set about to investigate the format for adding new categories. mattl noted that the site currently doesn't work well on mobile. bill-auger found many issues related to how search results and other pages displayed, particularly how text-filled and intimidating they appear. They also called for a clearer interface for downloading packages, since that is why many people come to the directory in the first place.

For volunteers, VictorM wanted a better way to find older entries that hadn't received a recent update. GuiltyDolphin was able to create a search that pulls up the entries and added it to the participation guide, meaning that next week's meeting we can focus on 'Golden Oldies'. For other items discussed, we've put together a good list of things we'd like to see fixed that we can work on in the future.

For the rest of the meeting we set about updating and approving entries, getting a bunch added and filing bug reports for projects with licensing issues. If you would like to join in on the fun, meet with us every Friday in #fsf on from 12pm to 3pm EDT (16:00 to 19:00 UTC).

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