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Free Software Directory meeting recap for October 21st, 2016

by Donald Robertson Contributions Published on Oct 27, 2016 10:16 AM
Check out the great work our volunteers accomplished at the last Free Software Directory meeting.

Every week free software activists from around the world come together in #fsf on to help improve the Free Software Directory. This recaps the work we accomplished on the Friday, October 21st, 2016 meeting.

Last week we were hunting 'Ghost' entries in the directory, and the ghost of our previous meeting time was present with some volunteers starting early. The meeting kicked of with Iankelling outlining their ideas on how to handle older, historical packages. The first order of business was determining what criteria would be needed for treating a package as historical. The criteria we came together on was that a package should be tagged as historical if it had not been updated in a long while and could no longer run on current versions of GNU/Linux. That way, the tag would let people know that the package, while still potentially useful, probably wasn't something you can just download and easily get running on your machine. After getting the criteria squared away, Iankelling also help update the version status and tool-tips to enable tagging actual entries.

Once we had the criteria and tools in place we turned to marking packages as historical. Iankelling once again helped out by producing a list of packages by their version date. Several entries apparently came out at the beginning of time all the way back in 1970 and so we focused our energies on those packages. mangeurdenuage and donalr3 worked on GNU ghost packages and were able to get them either appropriately tagged our updated. fmkb worked over a number of packages, nominating some for deletion where the package was truly a ghost and had no software or other remnants available. The channel was able to get through quite a few packages but more work will need to be done in future to root out all the ghosts. With the tools and criteria in place, that would should be easy to continue.

cmhobbs pointed out that with all the focus on the past, we've accumulate a bit of a backlog of new entries awaiting approval. So it was decided that next week we will be working as Dr. Frankenstein, working to bring new entries to life.

If you would like to help add new entries or just help update the directory in general, meet with us every Friday in #fsf on from 1pm to 4pm EDT (17:00 to 20:00 UTC).

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