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You've brought us this far. One last push before Sunday.

by Zak Rogoff Contributions Published on Jan 30, 2015 05:34 PM
Thirty years. That's how long the FSF has been educating, organizing, and hacking for computer user freedom worldwide. Not one of those years would have been possible without the international community of inspired supporters like you.

In the past twelve months alone, the free software community has:

  • Written 268 new releases to GNU packages, keeping world-class software in the hands of everyone

  • Helped the FSF write, test, and translate Email Self-Defense, so that computer users of all levels can enhance everyone's email privacy using free software

  • Used the User Liberation video and free software badges to get newcomers thinking about free software for the first time

  • Made LibrePlanet 2014 our biggest (322 participants!) conference ever and helped us fund fourteen travel scholarships, enabling important face-to-face meetings between free software activists, developers, and newcomers from all over the world

  • Pounded the pavement in multiple cities on the International Day Against DRM, building public opposition to unethical technological restrictions

Meanwhile, the FSF's experts and activists have

  • Provided vital technical infrastructure to the GNU Project, connected developers to projects, and helped get them funded for their work

  • Helped twenty companies and organizations properly respect the GNU General Public License and other free software licenses, so that free software remains truly free

  • Certified five new devices to Respect Your Freedom, getting us closer to a world where you can walk into a store and buy from a selection of hardware that works 100% with free software

  • Worked with hardware companies to bring you awesome deals through the 2014 Giving Guide, while also encouraging more ethical gifting

  • Called a gathering of free software experts to breathe new life into the High Priority Projects initiative, which will bring attention and resources to the key stumbling blocks for users trying to win back their freedom

Our part of this work relies on your financial support, and this is the time of year that we need it most. Our annual fundraiser is coming to a close on Saturday, and we're still short of our goal of $525,000. Many of you have already chipped in, and we are thankful to every one who has.

The FSF can't rest now, though -- we need to meet our goal so that we can keep doing amazing things for computer user freedom and providing every tool and resource we can think of to help the free software community thrive.

More than 10,000 people visit this site every day. If each of you give $14, it will be enough to push us over our goal and ensure we can win new victories for free software in 2015. If only a small portion of you become members, it will be enough.

Because we receive 80% of our support from individuals like you, this yearly winter fundraiser is incredibly important us -- all of our decisions about how much we can do the following year depend on how well the fundraiser goes. And since it's our thirtieth anniversary year, we want to do a lot! This coming year, the money that we raise now will help us

  • Fund more hardware, bandwidth, and infrastructure used by GNU software developers and free software activists worldwide

  • Supply modest salaries for staff to work full-time defending your freedom

  • Build an emergency reserve to defend free software against legal threats from proprietary software companies

  • Get FSF representatives to events around the world to spread the word and strengthen regional free software movements

  • Create high-quality communications campaigns to show the injustice of proprietary software and point to a better way

We have the highest possible rating of four stars from Charity Navigator, an organization that evaluates how effectively and responsibly nonprofits use donations. Part of the reason for this is that we use 79% of all money raised for our program work promoting and defending free software, rather than administrative costs or fundraising.

No matter how carefully and strategically we use the resources we have, we don't even come close to the arsenal at the disposal of proprietary software giants like Microsoft and Apple. But that doesn't mean we can't take them on. Thirty years ago, we were just a handful of hackers with a dream. Now we're a powerful global movement. For the next thirty years, we'll keep pushing towards a future where proprietary software is a thing of the past, and the rights of all users are respected.

If this vision of the future inspires you as much as it inspires us, we hope you join us by donating or becoming a member.

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