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Your support helps us campaign for computer user freedom

by Miriam Bastian Contributions Published on Jun 27, 2024 11:04 AM
Your support helps us campaign for computer user freedom

The campaigns team encourages people all over the world to make their dreams come true with free software.

We're happy to announce that the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) campaigns team now again has an outreach and communications coordinator! Eko K. A. Owen joined the FSF in June and will help us get the word about free software out to the world. It is fantastic to finally have a complete campaigns team again, and we look forward to doubling our efforts to campaign for computer user freedom on your behalf.

In addition to Eko, the campaigns team consists of campaigns manager Greg Farough, and myself, Miriam Bastian, the FSF's program manager. You might be wondering: what does the campaigns team do to support the FSF's mission and why should I contribute to their work?

The campaigns team is one of the teams here at FSF working to carry out our worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We do this by designing software freedom campaigns, including for the right to repair and free software adoption, and we stand up for privacy, which requires free software. We warn people against threats, new and ongoing, such as Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), software patents, and other forms of computing that deprives you of your freedom.

Our work beyond our campaign-specific advocacy and writing articles, consists of organizing protests and events where people can learn about computer user freedom and free software enthusiasts can connect with each other. We also issue the Free Software Supporter to inform the subscribers about hot free software topics, create and publish the biannual Free Software Bulletin, produce and disseminate free software awareness videos, and advocate for computer user freedom on social media and other places on the Internet.

To do this work, our team makes sure to educate itself on free software matters, always stays on top of the news and in touch with other free software activists and the inspiring free software community. One way how we do this is by providing, maintaining, and expanding community resources such as the LibrePlanet wiki, where you can find and create or add to teaching materials about free software, discover free software groups in your region as well as tips on how to participate in free software activism. We also foster a positive and welcoming culture on the FSF's mailing lists, IRC channels, and the FSF associate member forum, where you can connect with other free software activists and discuss anything you're interested in. I absolutely love working within the campaigns team and for you and this fascinating movement for user freedom!

It sometimes surprises people that we do all of this work with a team of only three people, as opposed to some organizations that have the luxury of having a social media coordinator, several dedicated fundraising experts, and an events manager. This efficiency is part of what earned the FSF a 100% rating from Charity Navigator during the last three years, plus eight consecutive four-star ratings. But even though we're able to accomplish a lot with our small team, we need your help to promote computer user freedom. Imagine what we can do with even just a little more resources.

We know not everyone is in a position to, but if you can, will you support our efforts by joining the FSF as an associate member? An associate membership is a great show of support we can rely on. With your help, we can develop, maintain, update, and spread resources like the ones mentioned above. As an FSF associate member, you'll be part of a vibrant international community and be able to enjoy all the awesome member benefits, such as access to the FSF's Jitsi Meet server, 20% discount on FSF merchandise, and email forwarding. Every new membership this spring will receive an FSF thermal mug as a welcome gift and help us achieve our goal of 200 new members by July 19. Need more reasons to join? Have a look at our appeal page or email us at to receive more information.

The FSF firmly believes every computer user deserves freedom and tirelessly demonstrates how to do almost everything with free software. For years to come, the FSF has an important role to play for computer users globally, and we still have a lot of work to do. Thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey to a free world.

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