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Videos of GNU Hackers Meeting in the Hague available

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Sep 21, 2010 02:54 PM
Videos of the talks from the GNU Hackers Meeting in the Hague are now available. This meeting took place on 24-25 July at "Revelation Hackspace", prior to the GNOME GUADEC conference, and featured a workshop on GNUnet, a framework for free secure networking and decentralised applications.

The complete list of videos is:

  • Paolo Carlini - "The new C++ Standard and library (C++0x)"
  • Martin Pool - "Bazaar a distributed version control system for free software communities"
  • GNUnet Workshop
    • Christian Grothoff - "Introduction to GNUnet"
    • Matthias Wachs - "Low level transports and transport selection in GNUnet"
    • Nathan Evans - "DHT and routing in GNUnet"
    • Ludovic Court├Ęs - "Libchop - a library for distributed storage and data backup"
  • Ralf Wildenhues - "Recent developments in GNU Autotools"
  • Karl Goetz - "GNewSense"
  • Jose E. Marchesi - "The GNU Record Utilities"
    • Laurent Guerby - "The GCC Compile Farm"
    • Jaromil - "dyne:bolic and"
    • Bruno Haible - "Contributing Reusable Code to Gnulib"
    • Simon Josefsson - "Autobuild"
    • Neal Walfield - "GNU Hurd"
    • Juan Pedro Bolivar - "GNU Psycosynth"
    • Andy Wingo - "GNU in the Cloud"
    • Jan Nieuwenhuizen - "An Introduction to Lilypond"

Thanks to Nils Durner for the filming and preparing the files, and Jaromil of for the audio recording.

Videos from the GHM webpage at

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