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The FSF's EmacsConf 2019 satellite was an M-x success!

by Greg Farough Contributions Published on Nov 22, 2019 12:51 PM
Together with Boston locals and more than 400 remote participants, the FSF hosted a successful satellite to this year's EmacsConf.

On Saturday, November 2nd, the office of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) was lively with discussion on everyone's favorite extensible editor, GNU Emacs. We were proud to join the 200ok collective in Zürich, Switzerland as one of two physical satellites to the conference, which was the first installment to be held since 2015. EmacsConf 2019 was conducted live over the Web through a fully free software setup utilizing Jitsi and Icecast. To assist the organizers, the FSF tech team employed some of the technical know-how we've gained from years of streaming the LibrePlanet conference. Such an undertaking would have been unthinkable a decade ago, but highlights the enormous advances free software has made since the days when the FSF sold Emacs for $200 USD on reel to reel tape.

The FSF satellite hosted local guests and two conference presenters, who streamed their talk to all of those watching in Zürich and online through the power of free software. Together, we watched presentations by Emacs luminaries who included current maintainer John Wiegley, as well as Sacha Chua and Perry Metzger. We capped off our viewing party with a raffle of Emacs-emblazoned merchandise from the GNU Press shop, giving a manual, shirt, mug, and Emacs reference cards to a few lucky attendees.

As users (and occasionally, hackers) on GNU Emacs, all of us here at the FSF were proud to take part in the conference. We wish EmacsConf the best of luck in the future, and look forward to the forthcoming audio/video recordings of each session. Many thanks to organizers Amin Bandali and Sacha Chua for their initiative and dedication in running the conference. We'll see you at EmacsConf 2020!

Recordings and transcripts of this year's presentations are available online at the EmacsConf Web site.

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