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Protect software freedom: Support net neutrality

by Molly de Blanc Contributions Published on Dec 01, 2017 12:17 PM
The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is about to gut Title II, destroying net neutrality protections. We only have two weeks to save them. This is the time to act.

The FCC wants to ignore what the people are demanding and give large, corporate Internet service providers (ISPs) what they want instead: total control of your access to the Internet. These ISPs will provide more expensive "fast lanes" for favored online services, and limit what we can access and when. They will give preference to large media providers who love Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). These changes will make building free software projects and communities harder, perhaps impossible. Under the disastrous FCC proposal, the Internet and Web as we know it will be destroyed.

We know how much you care about net neutrality. You've been by our side for years, standing up for a free Web: fighting against DRM and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) in Web standards, helped create tools to support free JS, using your voices, your words. This is our guide for fighting back: use it and share today.

Here's what you can do

If you're not in the US, let us know your country by updating your profile so we can send you more relevant info. In the meantime, please also help us spread the word to your contacts in the US.

Between today and December 13th

Tell your friends!

One of the most important things you can do is tell your friends and family about net neutrality, and urge them to become part of this fight. While the current attack is on US Internet users, this is a global issue too: trends in this country tend to spread all over the world. Our friends in Portugal already lack net neutrality protections, so we know what non-neutral Internet looks like, and it's not good.

It's your call

There are five individuals who will be making the final decision about Title II -- the closest thing the United States has as legal protection for net neutrality. Their names are:

  * Ajit Pai (Chairman of the FCC **AGAINST** net neutrality)
  * Brendan Carr (Commissioner **AGAINST** net neutrality)
  * Mignon Clyburn (Commissioner **FOR** net neutrality)
  * Mike O'Rielly (Commissioner **AGAINST** net neutrality)
  * Jessica Rosenworcel (Commissioner **FOR** net neutrality))

Do we really know how they're going to vote? No, but they have all talked publicly about their opinions.

Between now and December 13th, call the FCC and tell them what you think. Thank Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel for their support of net neutrality and beseech Commissioners Carr and O'Rielly to change their minds.

Sample script for Clyburn (+1 202-418-2100) and Rosenworcel (+1 202-418-2400)

Hello, I am {Name}, I live in {city/state}. I want to thank you for your support of net neutrality and your work with the FCC. I know you'll do the right thing and vote in support of our rights and a free Web. Thank you.

Sample script for Carr (+1 202-418-2200) and O'Rielly (+1 202-418-2300)

Hello, I am {Name}, I live in {city/state}. I am calling to urge you to vote against Chairman Pai's proposals to overthrow the Title II classifications that protect net neutrality in the United States. A free Web is critical for our future. Thank you.

As always, you can call your congressional representatives and remind them that you vote and you care about net neutrality, a free Web, and Title II protections.

December 7th (through 14th)

All across America, people will be gathering at Verizon stores. The FSF will be out in Boston, and we hope you'll join us. Not in the area? There are protests all across the country. (Read Fight for the Future's press release about the Verizon protests.)

December 13th

The day before the decision, you can join a protest at the FCC Building to show your support for net neutrality. This will start at 10:00 EST.

December 14th

This is the day of the vote! Stay tuned.

Support those fighting for net neutrality

As always, you can show your support for net neutrality by giving to nonprofits working to protect it. These include:

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