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Spring Bulletin: From privacy-respecting browser extensions to natural disaster relief

by Devin Ulibarri Contributions Published on Jul 13, 2023 12:37 PM
The 2023 Spring "Free Software Foundation Bulletin" is here! Read about the right to repair movement, web browser privacy, a volunteer rescue response to an earthquake, and much more.
Spring Bulletin: From privacy-respecting browser extensions to natural disaster relief

screenshot of the latest bulletin

What do the right to repair movement, web browser privacy, and a volunteer rescue response to an earthquake have in common? They are all topics covered in our latest FSF Bulletin, which is our biannual newsletter about various aspects of free software. Free software, although sometimes seemingly abstract, touches upon many facets of daily life in a concrete way. The Bulletin is now online, so that you can read it on the web and share it over email and microblog.

screenshot of online bulletin

In this issue of the Bulletin, you'll learn about:

The printed version was already sent to free software supporters around the globe. It is sent a few weeks prior to the publication of the online version and can be a great way to spread free software news, either by sharing your copy with a neighbor or by leaving it out for visitors to read. If you received the printed Bulletin in the mail, please let us know when it arrived and help to get the word out by sharing a picture of your copy with the hashtag #fsfbulletin! We love seeing how far these little pamphlets travel -- and free software has a tangible impact in people's lives throughout the world. In addition to sharing your copy of the Bulletin, you can always encourage conversation about free software with some fresh swag from GNU Press.

Note to those receiving the print Bulletin who would like to opt out: To unsubscribe from receiving a copy of the printed Bulletin, please complete the form at

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Can you join this effort as an FSF associate member? You can start for as little as $10 per month ($5 for students), or $120 per year. With your support we can get to the strength in numbers we need to both continue our work and take on the challenging developments where we need to take a stance. Plus, your membership will count towards achieving our spring goal of 175 new associate members before July 21. You'll be able to enjoy all the member benefits, which include merchandise discounts, a 16GB bootable membership card, and use of our associate member videoconferencing server. When you join as an annual associate member at $120 or more, you'll also be eligible for this year's sustainable and stylish, genuine wood GNU head sticker.

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