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Show your support for free software by July 18

by Devin Ulibarri Contributions Published on Jul 11, 2022 11:56 AM
Show your support for free software by July 18

Appeal banner -- tinkering, fixing, and remixing

Over the last few weeks, we challenged you to help us reach our goal of $67,000. It was an ambitious number, more ambitious than we have had before, but we know we can make it. In fact, we know we can stretch it. As of today, we have raised just over $64,000 ($64,065 to be precise) since the beginning of this spring's appeal, which began just three weeks ago. That's just $3,000 below our goal! So we ask your attention and help for just a few more days to reach our new spring goal of $70,000 by July 18.

Appeal banner -- tinkering, fixing, and otherwise exercising freedoms

We have received great feedback to this year's theme of "finding your own reason." People from all walks of life are advocating for major change in different causes, and they find common ground in the importance of free software. We have seen an increased show of support in this last week, and we have received message that our physical mailings of Free Software Foundation Bulletin are only just arriving in some countries.

The FSF staff always works hard, but twice a year during these appeals, we set ourselves the goal to focus on updating you, our supporters, on the work we have done and bring you valuable resources or community events with a higher frequency than normal. This spring, besides the launch of our new video Escape to Freedom, our fun and educational Mastodon Hour (which we hope to do again in the future as "ActivityPub Hour"), the release of our LibrePlanet workshop videos, and sharing free software successes in the community and from FSF staff, we have more publications we very much look forward to releasing in the upcoming week. You'll also be able to order the limited edition GNU head t-shirt in "storm" color during these few extra days of the fundraiser, or until stock runs out, so get yours now!

By giving us your continued support this week, we'll be able to invest in the creation of more resources and materials to help bring more people to understand the importance of free software, as well as invest in practical tools to help us maintain freedom for computer users.

Did you know that you can also gift a membership to someone? It is the perfect way to help someone you care about to get a step closer to freedom, and it will count towards our stretch goal! We really appreciate it, and we'll be sure to put your hard-earned money to good use.

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