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Read and share articles from the Bulletin

by Dana Morgenstein Contributions Published on Jul 01, 2021 11:59 AM

Illustration of books looking sadly at a book captured by DRM Illustration for the article "Why ebooks need to be freed"

Read the new issue of the Bulletin!

Free software is a concept that can't succeed unless it grows, and that's why advocacy is a crucial part of the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) mission. Our biannual Free Software Foundation Bulletin is one part of that work: it's available both online and in a handy printed pamphlet, the latter of which has just been mailed out to over 11,000 free software supporters around the world. Each issue of the Bulletin provides both updates on what the FSF has been up to for the last six months, and free software news and views to help you explain to the people in your life why they should fight for the right to technology that respects them.

In the new issue, you'll learn about:

We're also proud to share a retrospective of nine years of the FSF's LibrePlanet conference, featuring beautiful, personal photographs by our outgoing chief technology officer, Ruben Rodriguez. Don't worry, Ruben may be leaving the staff, but he'll be at LibrePlanet with his camera next year again, and if you ask nicely, he'll probably take a great picture of you, too.

The Free Software Foundation Bulletin is just one of many advocacy materials produced by the FSF, which are designed to help us spread the Four Freedoms, defend your privacy, battle the invasion of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), and recruit more support for free software. All of these items are dependent on your support – especially your donations and associate memberships.

Your donations, as part of our summer fundraiser, will support these advocacy materials and much more. Joining as an associate member is another way to help us reach our goal of USD 50,000 before July 16. Your voice is the most powerful when committed to our mission through an associate membership. The value of your financial support goes far beyond the dollars and cents needed to help us weather the challenges of this year: it is a vote of confidence that helps us launch new initiatives and puts weight behind our campaigns, licensing, and technical work.

In the meantime, we hope you'll also help us spread more awareness and reach more supporters: please take a moment to let your friends know about free software! Use the hashtag #UserFreedom, and share this message and others to help us build support.

If you're one of the lucky recipients of a printed Bulletin, please let us know when it arrives and help to get the word out by sharing a picture of your copy with #fsfbulletin! We love seeing how far these little pamphlets travel – and free software is necessary in every corner of the globe.

Illustration by Dana Morgenstein, Copyright © 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc., licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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