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LibrePlanet: not just a conference, but a network

by Zoƫ Kooyman Contributions Published on Dec 18, 2019 11:37 AM

Since 2010, the LibrePlanet wiki has provided a space for connection between free software activists, with the following mission statement: "To empower a global network of both local and project-based teams, all working together to advance free software as a social movement for user freedom."

This idea of participation and space for connection between free software activists is what motivates both the wiki and the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) yearly conference by the same name. Our LibrePlanet wiki uses the same software as what powers Wikipedia, which makes it the perfect tool for global collaborative work. We use the wiki as a tool to help organize free software supporters all over the world, so everyone can collaborate around their projects and ideas, as well as communicate with each other using our mailing lists for discussion and development, and our #LibrePlanet IRC channel on Freenode.

LibrePlanet is about spreading the free software ideals, organizing activists and supporters of the free software philosophy, as well as about organizing GNU/Linux, or other technology-specific user groups. The site can be used for a broad range of uses, by expert software developers and budding community activists alike. A few random examples will illustrate the diverse landscape and possibilities:

  • You can find other free software enthusiasts in your area so that you can discuss free software subjects, and stay updated on the latest events and developments within the free software community. Many groups are already active here, and they welcome you to join. You can also start your own group!

  • On the page Hardware/research/e-readers, you can find a discussion of which existing ebook readers could become RYF certified without too much work.

  • You can follow the FSF tech team's work to deploy a Web-based collaborative software platform ("forge") for fully free software projects.

  • If you are a GNU contributor or maintainer interested in meeting up with people in your area to sign GPG keys and strengthen the Web of Trust, please add your info to the GNU/Keysigning/Offers page.

  • You can learn more about free software and how to make money as a libre software programmer, or add your own knowledge and experience as a page to the wiki as a resource for beginners.

  • And there is always the Random button in the main menu, which can take you places you had never imagined.

With the help of our recent campaigns intern Valessio Brito, we have now updated the theme of in order to facilitate ease of use. We are asking for your help to maintain these pages, and to make it as accessible and up to date as possible. Things that anyone can help us with:

  • Editing: Edits are an important part of keeping the LibrePlanet site up to date. Any contributions or changes are welcome! All you need to do is to log in with your existing FSF account, or create one at don't need additional permissions for this: go ahead and start.

  • Translations: We want to reach free software enthusiasts all over the globe, so all of our pages would benefit immensely from translation. For more information, see the translation page.

  • Restructuring: Along with the new theme, we are proposing a new structure to go with it. This means that some pages will need to be archived, updated, or moved. By working on structure, you can help to increase the user-friendliness of the site. Our wiki makes use of the Semantic MediaWiki extension, which helps in building a comprehensive knowledge base for free software topics.

We are inviting you to help us create an even better resource for free software activists all over this (Libre!)Planet. You can get started now, or connect to us through any of our discussion channels. If you would like to discuss your ideas before you start, you can ask your questions using the discussion mailing list, or for technical questions, contact the developers mailing list. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for being part of our network!

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