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Announcing our new free software jobs directory

by deborah Contributions Published on Mar 12, 2010 10:03 AM
What could possibly be better than working on a challenging free software project and helping to create something of real value to your community?

Getting paid for it.

To help people find good jobs they can believe in, we're launching a free software jobs directory. Free software hackers now have a new place they can look for jobs; a place that only lists jobs directly related to free software.

It's a handy service for employees, but it's also a very specialized resource for employers. They get the attention of hackers, sysadmins and developers who've been working on free software for years — people who care about free software and are well-connected to the community.

Starting in May, ads will be available for $250 for a thirty-day run. But for the month of April, it's free (as in beer) — No fooling!

The fees for posting jobs support the work of the FSF to promote and protect free software. In this way, employers are essentially "re-investing" their ad budget to support the community that helps make their businesses possible. If you have a job opening in free software, please send your listing along to <> and we'll list it for thirty days.

Please help us get the word out about this new opportunity — tell your HR department about it, and if you get a job via a posting here, please let your new employer know where you saw it!

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