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Introducing Adam Leibson: summer Campaigns intern

by Adam Leibson Contributions Published on Jun 22, 2015 03:30 PM
Hello free software supporters, my name is Adam Tobias Leibson. I've been an avid GNU/Linux user since my first year of high school. Around that time, I read Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother. That book challenged me to think more deeply about the effects of mass surveillance on society, and brought about my interests in privacy and cryptography.

Adam Leibson

Last summer, I worked for ThinkPenguin, where I gained a much greater appreciation for the history of free software. I'm currently studying Free and Secure Computing at Hampshire College, where I also lead LibreHamp (the free software student group) and write for a free speech publication called The Omen.

Every day it seems, I find a new place where digital technology exists that it didn't before. As this influx of the digital realm into our physical world continues, I find it increasingly worrisome that many people don't know – or even care to know – who actually controls the technology they regularly interact with. The FSF informs users about the importance of free software better than any other organization I am aware of, and for that reason, I feel very honored to have been chosen as a summer intern. I'm particularly excited to working on the Email Self-Defense project, which will give me the opportunity to promote free software and computer security awareness together.

If you would like to contact me, you can find me on freenode IRC as jupelluri. Of course, my preferred method of communication is encrypted email. The aforementioned guide is a great place to start if you're new to GnuPG. If you would like to send me some encrypted love mail, my email is, and my fingerprint is 9D7E D11A F670 9719 F854 A307 198C 9A1E 9309 EF0C.

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