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In-depth free software news: Read the fall Bulletin online

by Dana Morgenstein Contributions Published on Dec 10, 2020 01:29 PM

For 35 years, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has attempted to provide you with the best information about threats to computing freedom, highlight the efforts of activists worldwide, and connect more people to the struggle. One resource we produce to this end is the biannual Free Software Foundation Bulletin, which is printed as well as presented online – if you’ve received yours in the mail, we encourage you to post a picture on social media with #fsfbulletin!

Read the Free Software Foundation Bulletin online

In this issue, we reflect on the meaning of our thirty-five year anniversary, making sure we look forward, as well as back. We’re particularly excited about the guest articles in this edition that checked in with two important free software projects:

  • Isabela Bagueros, executive director at the Tor Project, wrote about Tor’s efforts to stay connected to users and integrate user feedback into development without compromising user privacy; and

  • Christian Grothoff, a professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, reported on the debut of the GNU Taler free software payment system, which can now be used for actual purchases in the college cafeteria.

This issue of the Bulletin also contains our usual check-in from our ever-industrious tech team, as well as an important reminder about proper distribution of free software from our licensing team.

This publication, and many others, are only possible because of the dedication of FSF associate members and generous donors. There’s no better time than the present to make a commitment to a world where all software respects our freedom and dignity by becoming an FSF associate member. Plus, you'll help us reach our goal of 500 new members before December 31st, and receive many useful member benefits, including access to our instance of Jitsi Meet for videoconferencing in freedom!

While current events continue to prove that only free software can even begin to prevent the world from becoming a truly miserable technological dystopia, this year has also demonstrated that our movement can weather some very daunting circumstances and come out swinging. We already know that if you’re receiving this email, you already have more than enough dedication to the cause of freeing the future, but hopefully these reports will help you feel some optimism as well.

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