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How to upload a video to YouTube and ensure it is viewable in WebM

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Oct 29, 2010 08:22 PM
We've published an easy-to-follow recipe for producing your videos in the free WebM format.

UPDATED March 18, 2013: Due to changes with YouTube, please refer to for accurate information. The information in this blog post is obsolete and preserved only for historical record.

We've just posted a recipe to follow for converting your videos to the new free WebM format, using VLC. It's hosted on the LibrePlanet wiki at, with the hope that people will continue to update and improve it over time.

YouTube will make anything uploaded in WebM available for viewing in WebM, for users who have opted in to the HTML5 version of the site, so if you follow this recipe, any videos of yours that get shared there will be viewable by users using all free software!

If you're using YouTube, make sure to choose the HTML5 version at, so you can watch videos without proprietary Flash.

Thanks to FSF summer intern Danny Piccirillo for putting this together.

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