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Here's the spring 2017 Bulletin, and how you can help advance free software

by Georgia Young Contributions Published on Jul 19, 2017 05:17 PM
Recently, we sent thousands of Free Software Foundation associate members and donors the Spring 2017 Bulletin in the mail.

The Bulletin is being posted on our website now.

Every day, the FSF works hard to advance free software. You can make this work happen, and get the biannual FSF Bulletin sent to you via postal mail before we share it online.

In the past year, our donors have expanded the Respects Your Freedom certification program, giving the public more choices when it comes to selecting hardware they can trust. They have upgraded FSF infrastructure, expanding storage space and improving performance for free software projects hosted on GNU Savannah. They brought dozens of speakers to LibrePlanet 2017, and made sure the entire conference was livestreamed and archived for the world's benefit, using only free software. And they will make the upcoming International Day Against DRM another successful, awareness-raising action in the name of user freedom.

All of us at the FSF are proud to work for and with our supporters, making the world a better place. Our unyielding position as the standard bearer for free software advocacy doesn't endear us to many corporate donors. When we say the FSF is our supporters, we mean it, and we would like to include you in that declaration.

If you don't already receive the FSF Bulletin via postal mail, consider making a donation to the FSF, or becoming an associate member today. If you do, we can send you the next Bulletin before it is posted online. Thank you for supporting the free software community and for believing in our mission. We can't do it without you.

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