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Help us defend the freedom to share: Membership drive extended to January 20

by Miriam Bastian Contributions Published on Jan 04, 2023 08:58 AM
Our fundraiser is extended until January 20, which means you have more time to participate in helping us reach our goal! Miriam discusses how memberships help drive our advocacy.

Since the start of our fundraiser, more than 260 new associate members -- and even more donors! -- have answered the call to stand strong with the FSF in support of the freedom to share. We're thrilled and grateful to have received all the donations and membership renewals that have contributed to our year-end drive. Because we are ambitious, we had a goal of 455 new members by December 31. We haven't achieved our membership goal yet, but since we've seen a strong show of support in the latter half of our appeal we're extending the date to join, receive all the benefits of membership, and still receive one of this year's snazzy and secure webcam covers we're offering, to January 20.

Though small, the FSF staff is driven by our dedication to ensuring that every computer user, everywhere, can get all the work (and play!) that makes up their digital lives done without surrendering their freedom. We hope that you'll help us continue in that mission as we work toward accomplishing it. We rely on your support and the support of others like you to keep up our work. Over the last few weeks, we have reported on some aspects of this work, like operating sixty-three different services, platforms, and Web sites for the GNU Project, other free software projects, and the wider free software community; taking to the streets to talk with passersby about the freedom to share; supporting developers and other members of the community in the choice of a software license; monitoring products made by promising communities and companies to help you to put freedom first in your gift giving; providing information how to protect your freedom by managing your privacy; organizing the LibrePlanet conference to provide a meeting place for the whole community; compiling the latest articles and events in the free software community; and more.

We're entering the FSF's thirty-eighth year of fighting for computing freedom. As our year-end email from FSF president Geoff Knauth mentions, the Free Software Foundation "was created in 1985 specifically to guarantee you, the individual person, the rights you deserve as enshrined in the four freedoms against forces that seek to limit and take away your rights and to make you a servant." We've made headway toward making sure that software freedom is guaranteed in every computing environment, but there's still a long way to go.

An associate membership makes for more than just a show of support. It's a way of acting on your principles and moral convictions, and does your part to let the world (and especially the proprietary software companies in it!) know that freedom should be the norm rather than the exception.

Since each year brings new and worrisome developments on the part of proprietary software, our commitment to freedom needs to be proactive rather than merely reactive. Together, as the free software community, we've already had a tremendous impact on freedom in the digital world, but we shouldn't rest content here. We need to work hard to reach the finish line, and bring digital autonomy to all. Together, I know we can do it.

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