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Can you help the Open Graphics Project?

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Apr 09, 2009 05:09 PM

Note: This project is no longer in operation.

Timothy Normand Miller of the Open Graphics Project is looking for help with their effort to design hardware -- particularly wireless and graphics cards -- with fully published design documents. He describes the situation:

We started out as an effort to design a graphics card with fully published design documents. This way, not only would it be easy for developers to add free software support for it, but the design itself would be available for anyone to examine, learn from, duplicate, etc. Since then, we have expanded our interests to other type of peripherals that would benefit from this approach. Poor funding has been a problem for us, and when ATI promised to release specs on their chips, we slipped further. But ATI hasn't been as forthcoming as they had lead people to believe, so there are those who have gotten a renewed interest in what we want to do. Ultimately, we'd like to have complete computer systems that are completely documented, down to the transistors in the CPU, but we need to take this one step at a time. Right now, the two most annoying areas are graphics and wireless networking.

It's a big project and there are many different ways to help, but the immediate need is for someone to clean up the text on their wiki, both to improve the organization of the information there and to make sure that the language used represents the project goals accurately by emphasizing free software values rather than just open source development.

The wiki is at

If you can help, please jump right in. Let us know that you've started working at

You can read more about the project at Wikipedia:

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