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Help LibrePlanet to be held in liberation, volunteer today!

by Free Software Foundation Contributions Published on Mar 08, 2022 03:48 PM

LibrePlanet is getting so close now, and we are rounding out the details. The schedule is up, and while we are still confirming some last minute timezone, administrative, and other common details, that should not hold you back from planning your free software weekend on March 19 and 20, 2022.

We're also preparing server space, and prepping our fully free (as in freedom) streaming gear. Register for the event, and help us prepare! Or, better yet, get involved! We cannot do this event without our volunteers, who besides providing invaluable help, also bring great atmosphere to the backstage of the event. Help us before the event, or on the event, by volunteering for one of these three tasks below:

  1. IRC and chat moderators: These volunteers will attend the various online spaces at the conference, make sure the discourse stays polite, and help direct people to the sessions they want to attend. This is basically a moderation task, with the goal of enforcing the LibrePlanet Safe Space Policy. Basic familiarity with the GNU/Linux command line and IRC is helpful but not required, and we successfully train new moderators to help out year after year. We will schedule two or three volunteers at a time for the entire duration of the conference to monitor IRC channels and a virtual hallway.

  2. Room monitors: These volunteers will attend online LibrePlanet sessions inside the presentation space. They introduce speakers and help facilitate question-and-answer time between speaker and audience. Think of this as a public speaking role that is not very difficult or demanding, all while enforcing the LibrePlanet Safe Space Policy. You will need a computer with a free "as in freedom" operating system and a reliable Internet connection; and we also strongly recommend a combination headphones/microphone headset. We will schedule one room monitor per session or workshop.

  3. LibreAdventure bug fixes screenshot of libreadventure

Anyone interested in doing technical work to support the event could be interested in the work we are currently doing to update, and make LibreAdventure, our online visitor hall at LibrePlanet, bug free.

You can find more information on how to get involved on the project page:

Join the #fsfsys Libera.Chat IRC channel to get more information. From this channel, we can help provide you access, and tell you when the next meeting is for volunteers to come together to work on it.

Help us set up a great event, and experience it up close! You can volunteer by emailing the FSF operations assistant, Davis Remmel, at Feel welcome to ask any question, and send along details of your availability on the weekend of March 19, 2022, and don't forget your t-shirt size, because volunteers get one free!

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