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GNU is growing, and we need your help

by wtheaker Contributions Published on Dec 30, 2013 05:12 PM
This year, the GNU System celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. We're asking free software supporters to donate $30 to further GNU's development.

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The GNU System is more than a collection of software components; it's a philosophy, a social movement. The ideas Richard Stallman articulated in the GNU Manifesto spawned some of the most important ideas of our time: copyleft and free culture. It is vital that we continue to develop the ideas in the GNU Manifesto and apply them to our rapidly changing relationship to technology. In a world where our computing freedoms, privacy, and security are eroding rapidly, Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation will continue to demand better.

Donate $30 today to help GNU build on thirty years of software freedom. Your donation by January 31st will help us meet our $450,000 annual fundraising goal.

Building on GNU's mission means expanding our focus to protect users of networked computers. This includes prioritizing the development of replacements for Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS), as well as encryption and privacy protecting software. GNU is going to need more infrastructure, support, and coordination to be successful at this new goal.

Free software developers all over the world rely on GNU's infrastructure to build software that protects user freedom both online and offline. As the fiscal sponsor of GNU, the FSF provides this scaffolding, everything from maintaining server space for developers on Savannah, to hosting, which provides bandwidth for GNU downloads. All of these developer tools are run with entirely free software. FSF staff and volunteers also assist GNU projects with fundraising, promotion. and licensing, and enforce the GPL on their behalf.

We need your support to do all of this work on a larger scale. Can you give $30 to help us expand GNU in 2014?

GNU started as a way to guarantee user control over the software running on their local machine. But now, that's no longer enough. In an always-on networked world, machines elsewhere pose just as much of a threat to user freedom, even if we have complete control over what is sitting in front of us. GNU needs to -- and is -- evolving to meet this challenge.

As the GNU system turns thirty, free software and its philosophy are more relevant than ever, but there is still work to be done.

Will you help to ensure a bright future for the GNU system by donating $30 today?

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