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Osama Khalid is the first GNU Generation member of the month

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Sep 09, 2009 04:56 PM
by Max Shinn, campaigns intern

Congratulations to Osama Khalid (OsamaK) for being selected as the first ever GNU Generation member of the month! Osama speaks Arabic natively, and has been using this gift to help the free software community. He worked with projects including KDE and VLC this past month to translate popular applications into Arabic. As a FSF/GNU translator, he also recently translated Holmes Wilson's blog post on Ogg Theora.

Translation is especially important, because it makes the work of the free software community accessible to so many new people. With Osama's work, the world's Arabic-speaking population will gain the ability to use a computer in freedom.

Osama's contributions extend beyond translation, though. Osama feels very strongly about the free software values. He applies these values to everyday life by educating others in his local community about free software. If all free software users fully understood and promoted these values, the state of free software would be more powerful and influential than it is today.

In addition, Osama has stayed on both the GNU Generation and the Free Software Foundation IRC channels to help those that need it. He even volunteered to use his knowledge of the MediaWiki API and Python to write a script for GNU Generation.

Thank you to everyone who participated in GNU Generation last month. It was very difficult for the committee to pick the winner, as there were so many great contributions. Keep up the great work!

If you are aged approx. 13-18 and are interested in participating in GNU Generation, take a look at the announcement and the homepage.

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