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Get gNewSense preinstalled

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on May 08, 2008 04:03 PM
The company Los Alamos Computers is now offering systems preinstalled with gNewSense, the fully free GNU/Linux operating system distribution.

We often get asked where people can buy complete systems with GNU/Linux preinstalled on them. People want to avoid paying for a Microsoft license, but they do want the convenience of their operating system already being installed and working with all the hardware they're paying for.

While large vendors like Dell and Lenovo have made commendable steps toward offering systems preinstalled with GNU/Linux, they have stopped short of offering fully free distributions as an option.

Fortunately, a smaller company has stepped up to fill this need. Los Alamos Computers is now offering laptops, desktops and servers preinstalled with gNewSense. Additionally, they are donating a portion of each sale of one of these systems to the FSF.

These systems are not yet available with a free BIOS, but LAC is very interested in making that happen, and we'll be doing what we can to help make that a reality.

We need more companies to follow in their footsteps. Please show your support for the steps they have made and continue encouraging other vendors to do the same!

You can do your shopping at, and drop them a note to say, "Thank GNU!"

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