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gNewSense 2.3 is out!

by root Contributions Published on Oct 19, 2009 02:21 PM

Version 2.3 of gNewSense, one of the FSF-endorsed free GNU/Linux distributions, was released last month. Anyone interested in keeping pace with the latest improvements in free operating systems should check it out. It's based on Ubuntu, but without the non-free parts that Ubuntu includes by default, or suggests that you download.

If you were already using gNewSense 2.x, you can update to 2.3 with a standard system update.

As with other 2.x releases, this gNewSense release is available as a live cd for x86 (i386) systems, using GNOME as the default desktop environment (others such as XFCE or KDE are available post installation).

Download links:

For a more complete list of updates, read the full release announcement.

Thanks to Karl Goetz for coordinating this release! Stop by #gnewsense on to congratulate him and the team or get help with your new gNewSense install. And if you have some time to give back, please consider becoming a contributor to help make the next release even better.

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