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gNewSense 2.2 released

by John Sullivan Contributions Published on Apr 15, 2009 11:58 AM
This release features the return of 3D acceleration -- as free software.

The gNewSense project today announced version 2.2 of its free GNU/Linux distribution. This is the second point update to the release codenamed 'deltah'.

We're especially excited to see that, as a result of the cooperation between SGI and the FSF to relicense the core 3D library code as free software, today's release re-introduces GLX. This means that hardware acceleration is enabled by default, so applications like Compiz and 3D games will work again.

As with 2.1, gNewSense 2.2 is available as a live cd for x86 (i386) systems, using GNOME as the default desktop environment (others such as XFCE or KDE are available post installation).

Download links

For a more complete list of updates, read the full release announcement..

Thanks to Karl Goetz for coordinating this release! Stop by #gnewsense on to congratulate him and the team or get help with your new gNewSense install. And if you have some time to give back, please consider becoming a contributor to help make the next release even better.

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