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Gnash Summerbash

by peterb Contributions Published on Aug 04, 2009 09:42 AM
Bob Naugle's update report on the Gnash "Summerbash" internship.
by Bob Naugle Gnash Summer Internship Episode 2 – Progress Greetings again from Colorful Colorado, the home of the Gnash “Summerbash” internship, where we five interns have been working on this FSF high-priority project for a few weeks now. While it is a fairly large project in size and scope, we have all managed to contribute some valuable pieces at an individual level. Despite the fact that there are so many pieces, it is nice to see some aspect of Gnash, even if it's tiny, behave correctly because of the work you've done. It's certainly been an interesting and rewarding project thus far. That is not to say we haven't had our speed bumps. Gnash is the free flash player, so it has to do tons of things, some of which are show an animation, respond to user input, display text correctly, and even communicate over the web, and all this functionality must be decoded from a compiled .swf file. That's a lot of separate functionality, and it all has to happen at the same time. A hang-up in almost any area can upset the whole process, so progress comes in chunks. I thought it might be nice to share some of our current campaigns, forgive me if any of it is too technical (or too watered-down, if you're into this kind of thing)... Sharad and I have been working for about a week on text formatting. Things like wordwrap, cursor position, etc... It may not sound very exciting, but there is a LOT to consider, and I enjoy fiddling with minutia more than most. Si has had his hands full with the LocalConnection class, which facilitates communication between local flash movies, through the use of shared memory. This involves things like creating and attaching to a shared memory segment, filling it, and reading it later. Jon seems to want to get his hands filthy, and has tackled HTTP protocol issues. It's messy business, but extremely important to the Gnash core. Ben jumped on the chance to build camera functionality nearly from scratch. He's been working on the camera and microphone classes for a while now, and is plugging them into the Gnash interpretation classes as I type. There is only one more scheduled week in our internship, but lots to be done. If you are interested at all in the grungy details of our work, please check out the #gnash IRC channel. More updates to follow! Gnash "Summerbash" project .
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