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YouTube by April? Developer help needed for Gnash

by peterb Contributions Published on Feb 20, 2007 09:17 AM
Progress in developing Gnash, the free software Flash movie player, is happening fast, with the next release planned for April 2007 sometime.
I recently had a discussion with Gnash Maintainer Rob Savoye. Here is his report on the project's excellent progress:

We've gotten Gnash running on the OLPC as a browser plugin, added a debugger for Flash movies, and other interesting new features.  The OpenMoko folks have gotten the Gnash port to OpenEmbedded as well, so that'll be our first smartphone port. Gnash also runs on my old Sharp Zaurus, my Pepper Pad 3, and pretty much all of my GNU/Linux based devices. With ports to a Nokia 770 tablet and my Nokia E61 smartphone in progress.

Right now we're struggling with ffmpeg and Gstreamer not working quite the way we need them to for Flash. It works in CVS as a "hack job", but now we need to fix all the subtle behaviors of the ActionScript classes in the FLV player Flash movie. Our simple streaming video tests work fine finally, and embedded FLV video is also now starting to work. I expect, that with community help for Gnash and support from the ffmpeg and Gstreamer folks, the next release will enable us to put an end to the number one bug report we receive - Gnash won't play YouTube videos.
If you can help Rob and the Gnash development team, please email list to say hi, or head over to

Gnash is one of FSF's high priority projects.

John Gilmore (spiritual godfather of the project) is pictured below playing with Gnash on the OLPC.

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