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Xander Vedejas is the GNU Generation member of the month!

by Matt Lee Contributions Published on Oct 02, 2009 01:56 PM
Xander Vedejas (xvedejas) has been selected as the GNU Generation Member of the Month for September!

Xander has primarily been working on Valix, a new operating system with a simple and integrated approach. Working in assembler and C, he has begun creating an operating system that already has an integrated graphics system and a programming language in the works.

Initially, Xander didn't believe that his operating system would be welcomed by the FSF in fear that it would draw attention away from GNU/Linux. In fact, the opposite could be said! By creating a free operating system, Xander is drawing attention to the importance of having an operating system to use, study, and hack, especially one less massive and differently structured than the Linux kernel. Xander has documented Valix thoroughly on so that the project is not only about his own exploration in writing an operating system, but also helping others explore doing the same. Xander has also been one of those people we can rely on to consistently be on IRC and contribute his knowledge.

Thank you to all the GNU Generation participants. It was not easy to select only one from such a great group of applications!

Also, if you are approximately aged 13-18, and would like to (or already do) contribute to free software, learn more about GNU Generation.

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